Air Quality Monitoring -
Air Quality Index (AQI)

Do you always know what you are breathing in? Measure the air quality permanently and automatically and don't leave it to chance!

Humans can survive for a few weeks without food, a few days without water, but only a few minutes without air. We think carefully about what to eat and drink, but do we know what we breathe? The air is the most important thing for humans. The air quality is hardly measured or monitored. We offer a complete system from a single source, so that you can measure the air quality and the Air Quality Index (AQI) can calculate automatically. A traffic light system on our portal shows you immediately whether you need to do something urgently or not. If you set the desired AQI value, you can be notified automatically, when this threshold is reached. Bad air is the basis for the transmission of diseases, as we were recently able to experience in the corona pandemic. Studies show that poor air quality improves performance and a person's ability to concentrate decreases significantly. Furthermore, it has been scientifically proven in various studies that poorly ventilated indoor spaces reduce the infectiousness of airborne diseases increases significantly. The impact of poor indoor air quality on people with respiratory diseases such as Severe asthma. Most buildings do not have an automatic ventilation system. Most air conditioning and ventilation devices (HVAC) are only temperature-controlled and do not measure the air quality.

The remedy is very simple. Use our systems to permanently monitor the air quality and do not leave it to chance what you breathe. Receive alerts in a timely manner and act before it's too late. Correct and adequate ventilation reduces the risk of infection with Covid-19 and other diseases. Even after the Covid-19 pandemic, intelligent air quality management systems will be of great importance. Good air is always the necessary basis for a healthy and productive person. Measure the air quality permanently and determine the Air Quality Index (AQI) for your rooms.

How it works?

With our plug & play system, air quality measurement can be implemented quickly and easily, even in large buildings, office complexes or industrial halls. All you have to do is put the sensors in the premises and connect the gateway to the internet. If you are on site don't have a LAN network, that's no problem either. For these cases, we can supply you with a gateway that is equipped with a SIM card. The sensors permanently measure the air quality, air pressure, temperature, humidity and send the data to the gateway. The data is sent to sent to our IoT portal and evaluated, displayed and saved here.

Depending on the size of the building, the number of rooms and other conditions, we provide the appropriate sensors that are battery-powered and can communicate wirelessly over large ranges. This sensor network can be expanded as required. This way, more can easily be added later Rooms are covered to measure the air quality or to monitor other conditions, such as the energy consumption of machines, water consumption, application rate, indoor tracking, etc.

Smart Industrie 4.0

1. Smart Building 4.0

Send us a plan of your building in which you want to measure the air quality. Depending on the size of the building, the number of rooms and other conditions, we determine how many air quality sensors and gateways need to be installed. Since our AQI sensors are battery-operated and work wirelessly over long distances, even large areas can be covered very easily and quickly. This sensor network can be expanded as required, also with other sensors to monitor other parameters, such as. Energy consumption, equipment location, flooding, vibration measurement ...

2. Attach sensors

Attach the small and practical sensors to the designated places in the building. Highly linear and high-precision sensors for gas, pressure, humidity and temperature, which were specially developed for air quality measurement by a renowned global player, permanently collect the actual values and transmit them to the gateway. Our standard sensor kit measures the air quality, the air pressure, the humidity and the temperature. If necessary, additional or different sensors can be attached.

Luftqualitaet messen Sensor AQI

LoraWan Gateway

3. Connect Gateway

The gateway must be simply connected with the power supply and Internet via the LAN cable and it is ready for use. It forwards the sensor data to the IoT portal. If there is no internet connection on site, we can also deliver a gateway, which has its own SIM card and can therefore set up its own internet connection.

4. View data with the APP, start alarm or action

The sensor data can be called up, analyzed and displayed via the Skysens application platform. On the basis of the stored rules or analysis decisions, the system sets the appropriate activities automatically, such as alarm notification by e-mail to the responsible person, activation of the ventilation system etc.

IoT Portal LoraWan Air Quality Index

Air Quality Index Ampelsystem

5. Air Quality Index (AQI) - Traffic Light System

The air quality sensor that we use in our devices has been specially developed by a renowned global player to determine air quality. Intelligent algorithms calculate an Air Quality Index (AQI). The scale ranges from 0 (clean air) to 500 (heavily polluted air). The algorithms automatically calibrate during operation. Using the color display, users can see at a glance how the air quality is currently.

Luftqualitat messen_Air Quality Index

How does our solution differ?

We don't just measure the CO2 value

KClassical air quality sensors calculate the Air Quality Index (AQI) using the CO2 content. The special chip that we use considers almost all volatile gases that can occur in the room air and takes them all into account when creating the AQI.

Wide range of gases are covered

Highly linear and highly accurate sensors detect a wide range of gases in order to measure the air quality in rooms and thus protect personal well-being.

Also volatile organic compounds

These include volatile organic compounds from paints (e.g. formaldehyde), varnishes, paint solvents, cleaning agents, furniture, office equipment, adhesives and alcohol.

The current situation shows how important it is to measure the air quality!

Bad air is one of the main reasons for the rapid transmission of infectious diseases. Viruses, bacteria etc. which are sprayed into the air by coughing, sneezing or simply exhaling can survive and become in the air for hours transferred to other people if sufficient fresh air is not provided. The rapid transmission of Covid-19 has recently shown what an important role this can play. But not only to minimize the risk of infection It is important to measure air quality, but also to increase people's efficiency and productivity. Fresh air has a direct effect on the performance of the brain and also prevents chronic diseases.

Ordinary HVAC systems do not work with intelligent analyzes and do not have detailed data from inside the building in order to be able to provide recommendations and warnings about indoor air or to be able to automatically counteract them. Most HVAC systems are only controlled via analog temperature sensors. In buildings that do not have central air conditioning, the situation is much worse. In rooms with a very high volume of traffic such as in schools, hospitals, office buildings etc. takes this topic plays an even more decisive role. An intelligent AQI management system is essential in such buildings.

In the daily heat of the battle, it is very easy to forget to provide adequate ventilation. An automatic system that permanently measures the air quality and issues a message when something needs to be done is a huge relief in practice. The subject of "measuring air quality" can no longer be forgotten. If desired, the responsible persons receive an alarm message with the corresponding AQI index and can immediately initiate the necessary measures. Provided that the technical equipment and the interfaces are available on site, ventilation measures can also be started automatically.

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